Global Keyaccess Technologies Ltd. is a leading Manufacturer of Parking Access Control System, Door Access Control System, RFID Parking System, Parking Management System, TCP/IP Access Controller System, 3G Access Control Software and UHF RFID Reader Systems.

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Global KeyAccess Technologies Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of parking access control system, access control system in the city of electronics technology center of China, our company begins from 2007, except standard door access control system, our R&D department has developed a number of specialized system, including parking revenue control systems(ticket permit or card permit), automatic parking payment terminal station, 3G environment monitor access controller etc.

Global KeyAccess Technologies Ltd. main advantage is software engineering, we produce the core controller on our own, including core controller circuit design, embedded program, and PC software, the core controller is to control the external devices such as ticket printer, LED display, monitor the barrier gate status or monitor the environment status etc, which can reduce much of the work of the PC, in some situation the system can work in standalone mode, so GKA’s system provides big flexibility for customers to choose before the project plan. As everyone knows, the core control devices are the heart of the system and determines how stable and reliable it is, which means we are real source of the system and can provide comprehensive technology service for customers.

Global Keyaccess Technologies Ltd. promises to continue developing the new technologies and improving our systems to match more demands of the market, we welcome esteemed customers could carefully study our systems and contact us for more details.

GKA's Products category: GKA's business area: New releases in 2010:
1. Door access control system
2. Parking access control system(including revenue management)
3. Pedestrian access control system
1. UAE & Middle east
2. Belgium
3. Philippines & east south Asia
4. Brazil & South America
5. Canada & North America
Access control system run on 3G wireless internet
Automatic parking payment system


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