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Card Parking Revenue

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Quick Overview

Users take a card to enter the parking lot and pay the parking fee before they leave, the system would record the enter time, entrance Number etc, which will be calculated the parking fee accordingly.

Card Parking Revenue

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Procedure of Card payment parking system:

1. The car comes to the entrance parking barrier and check if there is available spaces on Full LED display(optional)
2. The user presses the button to take a card and enter
3. The user walks to service center and pays the parking fee to the teller(by parking revenue system)
4. The user drives the car to exit station and insert the card into the exit cabinet
5. The parking barrier automatically raises up and he may leaves freely

Or he could drive the car to exit station and hand the card to the teller
6. The teller would charge the user according to parking revenue software calculation result
7. The teller presses the release button to open the parking barrier and then the car leaves

8. Monthly users could show the monthly card to reader on cabinet and freely passes through the entrance or exit
Note: Monthly users pays monthly and no need to pay at each time when they passes throught the entrance or exit

9. All the parking access control history and charge history would be recorded into the database and can be printed in report format at any time.

Pay at center

It is a service center for users to pay the parking fee, the users could drive the car to exit station and insert the card into the exit cabinet after finishing payment at the center, the parking barrier would raise up automatically and the users could exit without the teller's assistance.

Pay at exit

There would be a kiosk and a teller at each point of exit station, users hand back the card to the teller and pay the parking fee according to parking revenue software, after the payment is finished, the teller presses the button to release the parking barrier and then the car leaves.

Plate number image capture(People comparison)

Global Keyaccess™ parking system automatically takes a picture at entrance and exit point when the users read/scan the card, the picture clearly display car's plate number , and stored into the database, so the teller could compare if 2 pictures belongs to a same car.

Plate number automatic recognition(Advanced function)

Global Keyaccess™ parking system could recognize a few countries plate numbers, please contact us for more details if you do need this function.

Image capture of remote open barrier gate(including wireless remote control)

Global Keyaccess™ parking system will take a picture when the teller opens the parking barrier by release button(or wireless remote controller), the manual open event will be stored in the software and could display its picture of plate number along with time when double clicking the event.

Image capture of remote open could efficiently prevent the teller from releasing the barrier for some other people or steal the money without proof.

LED display

LED display is mounted inside the entrance cabinet and exit cabinet, which is to display relevant information, such as welcome, date, time, due amount etc, users could easily know the information of the parking lot. 

Voice announcement(Option function)

Voice speaker is mounted inside the entrance cabinet and exit cabinet, or inside the automatic payment station, users could easily hear the prompts during their operation and knows how to process next.

Points of entrance & exit

No limit

Operation system

Win XP, Win 7

Database software

Microsoft SQL2000/2005/2008

Plate number image capture

Pictures taken at the entrance & exit for comparison

User types

Monthly user, hourly user, Free user

Parking rates

Programmable in software

Card reader

For monthly user only, installed in entrance & exit cabinet

Card dispenser

For hourly user, 150-200 cards

LED display

4 characters, 64*16 Pixel, 304*76mm/12*3inches

Voice speaker

Optional, mount in entrance & exit cabinet

Plate number capture

Entrance & exit vehicle’s plate number image capture

Network Communication

TCP/IP between PC & Server

Controller communication

RS485 between controller & PC

Server PC requirement

Pentium or Core above, 1G cache above,

Intel mother board preferable, 80G hard disc above

Language support

English (changeable to other languages)

Working environment temperature


Power consumption

 220V 1000W



Cabinet weight

35-40kg(depending on chosen components)

3-6 meter boom barrier

Barrier arm type(3 options)

3-4.5 meter half/full fence arm

3-4.5 meter articulated/folding arm

Barrier body dimension


Barrier speed

3-6 seconds

Vehicle detector

Single lane monitoring & 4 level sensitivity


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