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Long range RFID parking

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Quick Overview

All users attach one tag/sticker inside the windscreen of the car so all the cars can automatically open the parking barrier from 5 to 15 meters away and fastly pass through the parking barrier without hand stretching hassle.

Long range RFID parking

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Overview of the passive RFID parking system:

1. The monthly user drives a car approaching the parking barrier(the tag/sticker is adhered on windscreen from inside)
2. The long range reader detects the passive tag/sticker when it is in detection range, e.g. 5-15 meters/16-50 feet range
3. The parking barrier will be opened automatically
4. The car enters or exits freely with no teller assistance
5. The monthly users need to pay monthly fee at property management office once their cards are almost expired
6. The software records all access control histories
7. The software records all monthly payment aggregation in database and could organize financial reports of monthly parking charge in different forms(this function is special for parking lot mangement against other door access control software)

Note: The passive tag/sticker CANNOT penetrate through the tint film in front of the windscreen because the tint film is metal contained and will sharply reduce the effect of RFID detection, please make sure all your cars at least have one small clean area for passive tag/sticker attachment. 

Passive= no built-in battery

Long range detection and adjustable detection range

The RFID detection range is adjustable from 2 to 10 meters,  or 10 to 15 meters(2 module for options)

Fast speed detection

The RFID reader could detect the car speed at 100km/h

No computer monitor needed

The parking controller could work standalone without PC after configuration finished

Large storage capacity

20,000 users and 150,000 events could be stored on controller in standalone mode, all the data could be uploaded to PC once the controller is connected with PC

Monthly charge aggregation and report

The software has a separate report for monthly charge aggregation and a list to show each users status, the software could extend the valid date and allow the users to keep freely access the parking lot within the pre-paid period, on the contrary, the parking controller would reject the users' RFID access request if he didn't charge for coming months.

Control points in 1 controller

2 readers, 1 in & 1 out

Barriers can be controlled in 1 controller

2 barriers, 1 in & 1 out

Storage capacity in standalone mode

20,000 users, 150,000 events in controller

Storage capacity in online mode(with PC)

No limit

Communication of controller


RFID reader standard

ISO18000-6C, 902-928MHz

RFID reader detection speed

At least 100km/h

RFID reader detection range

2 modules: 5-10 meters, 10-15 meters

RFID reader detection angle


Communication of reader

Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34

Operation system

Win XP, Win 7

Database software

Microsoft Access, or SQL2000/ 2005/2008

Server PC requirement

Pentium or Core above, 1G cache above,


Intel mother board preferable, 80G hard disc above

Controller dimension & weight

180*110mm, 350g

Passive reader dimensions & weight

5-7 meter, 250*250*50mm, net weight 0.8kg


10-15 meter, 440*440*70mm, net weight 3.2kg

Controller power consumption

DC 12V 3A

RFID reader power consumption

DC12V 5A(must be a separate power adaptor)

Total power consumption

220V 60Hz(or 110V 50Hz), 100W

Language support

English (changeable to other languages)

Environment temperature



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